Project Analysis

Keys to Economical Sustainability of an Aquatic Construction such as a large aquarium.

  • Complete Aquarium Project Analysis or other projects
  • Good Location and Site
  • Critical Mass of Attraction Elements
  • Strong Thematic Focus
  • Depth of Visitor Experience Offered
  • Length of Stay and Attraction Content
  • Established on Sound Financial Basis
  • Outstanding Exhibits and Programs
  • Service to Residents and Tourists
  • Appeal to a Broad Audience Mix
  • Offers Multiple Visit Opportunities
  • Offers Opportunities to Spend and Relax
  • Established on Sound Financial Basis

Aquarium Project Analysis and aquatic constructions process of work.

Aquarium Project Analysis

  • Feasibility Study

    Thorough feasibility studies are critical to realize the sustainability of a project. Aqualife’s management team have the experience and know how on developing and evaluating risks and potentials. The result of the feasibility study enables investors and Aqualife to deliver a sustainable entity that not only will have unique elements to enhance visitor traffic but will also have a short investment pay back period.

    Whether creating a new exhibit, renovating or expanding, Aqualife creates museum-quality Themed Environments according to our client’s specifications. Our artists design and build astonishing environments that resemble reality; we are only limited by your imagination. Our team has completed numerous unique Themed Environments for major amusement parks, public aquariums, zoos, hotels, shopping malls and resorts around the world. With many years of experience, Aqualife’s record of building world class Themed Environments is proven and extensive, not only in the MENA region but all over Europe.

    Aqualife experienced team, commitment and project managers ensure your project is completed on budget, on time and with the highest quality, value and uniqueness.

  • Conceptual Design

    Aqualife has an extensive business relation with architects, landscape architects and interior designers. Our services extend from master planning to all phases of design, construction and post-construction. Aqualife’s post construction know how reassures clients to rely on us being there after the opening of the facility for highly qualified and experienced assistance in all aspects of system operation and maintenance.

    Aquarium Project Conceptual Design
    Aquarium Project Conceptual Design
    Aquarium Project Conceptual Design

    On an aquarium project analysis and specifically at the conceptual stages of such a project, the design involves abstract drawings of the initial idea. These drawings provide a design deck for the overall project, as well as general shape for the civil construction and relative information for better visualization of the project concept. These drawings will be revised several times before moving into the architect’s rendering phase.

  • Concept Development Planning

    The aim of our management team is to understand the client’s vision, set specific tasks and objectives. The project implementation plan and construction budget must be set to deliver a sustainable and unique concept.

    Concept Development Planning for Aquariums, Ponds, Swimming Pools, Aqua Parks and Animated Fountains

    Development Planning Steps

    • Review initial plans and drawings to finalize conceptual ideas and alternatives
    • Preliminary Inspection of site location to determine construction feasibility
    • Finalize preliminary budget for project construction to determine feasibility
    • Establish final action plan based on client review
    • Develop conceptual exhibit, select live organisms species and their theme and identify other construction elements
    • Analyze final budget and refine based on final concept
    • Assembly the action team of industry experts to implement the concept

  • Master Planning

    Proper master planning of a project is critical to realize the conceptual design. This effort is based on a vast experience and expertise such as Aqualife’s, providing the newest technology in Life Support System and Acrylic Panel Installation, matching the expectations and budget of the investor, covering Operation and Management issues, and many other.

    Master Planning of Aquariums, Ponds, Swimming Pools, Aqua Parks and Animated Fountains

    Having designed and installed over 500 life support systems of every size for just about every living organism that lives in the water, Aqualife has the ability to ensure master plans that reflect the most cost-effective systems for your facility.

  • Design Development

    As with master planning, proper initial design is critical to the subsequent design and construction efforts. At this stage, the selection of Life Support Systems is finalized and the major components of the equipment and piping get calculated for the most efficient use of space.

    Because of our operational experience, we prepare plan layouts that reassure ease of operation and maintenance, as well as maximum space efficiency. Due to the unique nature of LSSs, including the fact that a number of the components are not “off the shelf”, we pay extra attention to every single detail of our construction plans.

    Moreover we design our filtration systems to assure effectiveness and guarantee the lowest construction cost to the investor. Aqualife is dedicated to provide a state-of-the-art turnkey life support system including design, engineering, installation, management and commissioning for marine, freshwater and mammal exhibits.

    We work with the best aquarium filtration systems suppliers to incorporate and procure our proprietary design and engineering for pressurized sand filters, biological filtration components, protein skimmers, chillers, pumps, ozonizers, ultra sonic algae destroyers and UV disinfectors.

  • Construction Support

    Construction services are critical to the quality of the delivered Life Support Systems. By construction management, we can ensure that the completed systems reflect the intent of the construction plans. In fact we review all materials and equipment for compliance with the design intent. To conclude, Aqualife’s installation team is highly experienced in the construction procedures, and works with the owner, architect and contractor to help make the construction process as smooth as possible.

    • Tender, Post-Tender and Contract Administration.
    • Acrylic Panel Supply and Installation.
    • Theme Design, Construction and Installation.
    • Life Support Filtration Design, Supply and Installation.
    • Project Management.
    Construction Support for Aquariums, Ponds, Animated Fountains, Aqua Parks and Swimming Pools Construction Support for Aquariums, Ponds Animated Fountains, Aqua Parks and Swimming Pools

  • Operating Procedures and Manual

    Operating manuals are a core aspect for the success of a facility. Explicitly we prepare operation manuals based on the ISO 9000 forms. The international consensus that is maintained by the ISO 9000, aims to ensure a good growth in the organization through good customer support and the fulfillment of the requirements that are posed by the visitors. Moreover there are certain core standards that the ISO requires. Our manuals range from a simple outline of basic procedures to a complex interactive, software operations manual.

    Aqualife operating manuals give detailed instructions on how to operate the system as efficiently and safely as possible. In fact operating manuals are set to provide the basis for curator training and to protect the system from mishandled operational damage due to improper operation. Additionally our methods protect the investor against insurance claims due to unsafe operation and activities of the operating staff.

    Operating Procedures and Manuals for Aquariums, Ponds, Animated Fountains, Aqua Parks and Swimming Pools

  • Post Construction Services

    Aqualife focuses in functionality and high quality Life Support Systems that can operate in the lowest possible energy consumption. Accordingly our contracted services include the Operating Manuals of LSS, Operating Guidelines, Turn Key Training, Warranty Inspections, and General LSS Performance Evaluations.

    Post Construction Services for Aquariums, Ponds, Animated Fountains, Aqua Parks and Swimming Pools