FIVE Palm Beach Hotel Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls

Infinity Swimming Pool, Dubai, UAE

Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls
  • Project Attributes: Rebates Preparation, Erection of PMMA panels, Installation and waterproofing, Supervision of cementitious waterproofing
  • Project Duration: 4-5 weeks
  • Pool Window Type: PMMA Acrylic Panels
  • Panel Size: 130cm height & Length 22m separated in multiple acrylic panels

Revisiting FIVE Palm Hotel: The second infinity pool by Aqualife

Aqualife was awarded to install the transparent swimming pool walls of the amazing FIVE hotel at the FIVE Palm Beach Hotel in Dubai, UAE. This impressive huge pool has three sides of its walls transparent. The particularity of these panels is that they are casted while on top there is an acrylic shelf for swimmers to place their cocktails.

Five Palm Jumeirah Infinity Swimming Pool

We knew this project would be the talk of Dubai, since FIVE is the most instagrammed hotel in the world. The high length panels needed to be laser aligned to achieve an even water overflow. The panels are designed to withstand 250kg of extra pressure per linear meter from swimmers standing on the panels while partying. The previous time we were on the FIVE hotel we performed acrylic buffing and acrylic crazing repair on windows of the Penthouse infinity pool.

Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls
Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls

Aqualife having installed multiple projects in Dubai, has the expertise to select the proper waterproofing materials that will not get delaminated and burnt from heat, salt and excess sun exposure, over time. For projects exposed to extreme conditions we use different waterproofing and anchoring materials which we have tested for over 15 years. The transparent acrylic swimming pool wall transformed a standard infinity swimming pool into a modern and elegant aquatic element.

Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls Scope of Work:

  • Rebates Preparation.
  • Erection of PMMA panels.
  • Installation and waterproofing of acrylic panels on three side support concrete rebates.
  • Supervision of cementitious waterproofing layer of the swimming pool while performing the joint connection points with rebates waterproofing method.
  • Size: Height 130cm and length 22 meters separated in multiple acrylic panels.

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Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls Photos

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel
FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel
FIVE Palm Beach Hotel Infinity Swimming Pool Transparent Walls