Aquarium Panel Installation & Waterproofing Services Company

Aquarium Waterproofing and Aquarium Panel Installations CompanyAAqualife is the leading company in the aquarium waterproofing, aquarium panel installation, animated fountain construction and swimming pool repairs. Our specific technical innovative approach is used for each project. We have gained valuable experience based on the fields. We have accomplished multiple aquarium waterproofing and glass as well as acrylic panel installation projects. Consequently we are confident that we can lend creativity and uniqueness to any project. In addition to being innovative at the design process, we are progressive in how we do our work.  For example, all of our shop drawings and plans are complete 3D renderings.

Aquarium Panel Installation & Waterproofing Services Company Aqualife provides services all over Europe, Middle East and North or South Africa. Based on the communication tools which are available today, working with people literally on the other side of the world in real time, is a reality. Our Life Support Systems allow real time communication and engagement with the Aquarium Automation System (AAS) that we install in each of our public and commercial aquaria projects. We have the privilege to share our specialized knowledge with clients and design team members of other cultures. On the other hand, we have learned a great deal of innovative methods and cultures. Finally we’ve made many great friends all over the world. You can view the whole list of Aqualife partners and clients here.

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