Swimming Pool Windows Installation

Underwater Windows Installation for Transparent Swimming Pools (Glass or Acrylic)

Glass and Acrylic Swimming Pool Window Installation
We provide glass and acrylic swimming pool window installation as well as waterproofing

Underwater Swimming Pool Window Installation

Underwater Swimming pool window installation and waterproofing
Underwater window installation and waterproofing

The process of a glass window or acrylic swimming pool window installation is similar to the aquarium window installation. Aqualife reassures that the waterproofing materials which we use to seal the acrylic window on a swimming pool are efficient and durable. Moreover they are resistant to chemical erosion from low PH liquids and Chloramine additives similar to the ones which are used in chlorinated swimming pool water. Hence, taking into consideration that most of the swimming pools are installed outdoors, we use UV resistant materials. All these allow the waterproofing sealants to perform perfectly well for more than 5 years. Moreover our company provides instructions for safe and appropriate ways to clean and transport the acrylic panels. Finally our sealants will not crack and will not get inelastic under exposure to the sun and high Chloramine level on the swimming pool water.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Pool window installation with crane
Using a crane to install acrylic pool panel
Transparent swimming pool installation
Transparent swimming pool installation

If you need repairing or renewal of the swimming pool sealants, then Aqualife’s technicians will assist you in a timely and the most professional manner. Moreover all acrylic and glass swimming pool windows, which we have installed can be easily repaired. And this process happens without having to remove the actual pool window.

The most common repair takes place after 5 years of the initial installation. Therefore we remove and reapply the waterproofing sealants of the pool. Our staff has the expertise to perform the job without scratching the window. At that point we advise usually our clients to keep dry the sealants for 15 days. Aqualife will be present during the first water fill of the swimming pool. Our experts will perform an extended hydrotest leakage test. Aqualife submits an all inclusive warranty certificate. So all acrylic windows which we have installed come with a 10 year structural and optical warranty. For more photos and examples please have a look below regarding our glass or acrylic swimming pool window installation projects.

Transparent Floor Swimming Pool
Transparent Floor Swimming Pool after Installation Waterproofing and Polishing. View from the living room below the pool.

Swimming Pool Projects

Our projects include Infinity pools with side windows, totally transparent floor swimming pools, waterpark pools, waterslides, acrylic bridges, glass window pools, underwater window installation, round or square windows for pools and many more. You can view some sample projects below. To view more projects including aquariums, fountains, ponds and theme parks visit our aquatic projects page.