Private Residence Lookdowns Aquarium

Athens, Greece

Selene Vomer - Lookdowns Aquarium
  • Project Attributes: Selene Vomer, Lookdowns Aquarium
  • Filtration Systems : by MAT LSS
  • Acrylic Panel: by Nipura

Selene Vomer – Lookdowns Aquarium

Aqualife was awarded to install a Nipura acrylic panel and MAT LSS filtration systems on a 35 cubic marine aquarium in a private residence in Athens. The aquarium is designed to hold a large number of Selene Vomer, Lookdowns on a minimal background. The filtration system returns its water 230% per hour and allows a bio mass of 4kgrs/ cubic meter. The initial design of the aquarium was made by Aqua Design Group of USA. Probably, this aquarium will be the largest exhibit of Lookdowns in Greece.

Selene Vomer Project Gallery

Private Residence Lookdowns Aquarium