Glass Window & Acrylic Panel Polishing Services

Acrylic Panel Polishing Services

Aqualife has been providing acrylic panel polishing services for more than a decade. Acrylic is the aquarium industry’s material of choice for underwater tunnels and large viewing panels. In fact the outstanding optical clarity of acrylic allows visitors to be fully immersed in the underwater world. Unlike glass, acrylic is perfectly clear and does not impart a green tinge. Furthermore, it is far more solid and rigid than glass panels. Consequently the clarity of acrylic panels, the high impact resistance, the durability and the ease of refurbishment make the acrylic the number one choice in all large aquarium installations worldwide.

Large Aquarium Installation and Aquarium Polishing Services
We provide aquarium installation and aquarium polishing services.

Acrylic Polishing Experts

Since 2006, Aqualife provides globally acrylic polishing services for aquariums and swimming pools. We have the capacity to polish either the wet side or the dry side of the aquarium panels. Specifically the dry side of the aquarium polishing is provided by expert technicians in the field with more than 15 years experience. The acrylic sanding of the wet side is done carefully with uniform polishing by applying the same pressure on the acrylic window. We pay attention to detail and eliminate any fish-eye effects on the acrylic installation.

  • Aquarium Windows Maintenance
  • Aquarium Windows Maintenance
  • Acrylic Panel Polishing Services for Aquariums and Swimming Pools
  • Acrylic Panel Polishing from the wet side of the Aquarium
  • Underwater Room Installation in Swimming Pool
  • Aqualife provides acrylic and glass panel polishing for large aquariums

Forming, Bonding & Polishing

Aqualife’s experience in handling aquarium panels and swimming pool panels ensures our complete range of services to maximize the properties of acrylic. Accordingly with a highly skilled team of the acrylic experts of ASI and Aqualife, we can confidently deliver the acrylic component of your project.

Aqualife supplies flat panels as well as formed and curved panels. Moreover we offer bonding services on site. Among other specialty services, we refurbish and polish glass panels and acrylic panels at aquariums and swimming pools.

Acrylic Polishing Services

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Swimming Pool Windows Repairs & Infinity Swimming Pools

Acrylic Pool WindowAcrylic panels are also suitable for viewing windows in residential and commercial swimming pools. They are appropriate either as a window on the bottom or on the side of a swimming pool. In addition one more usage of acrylic is the overflowing transparent panel at the infinity swimming pools. ASI & Aqualife have been installing acrylic panels for swimming pool contractors worldwide for over a decade.

During time, the windows of infinity swimming pools may be damaged or scratched. In addition the visibility through the glass or acrylic windows may loose their clarity. This affects the visibility through the window. The phenomenon may happen in transparent floor swimming pools or other side pool windows with an inhouse view for example to a living room. However our technicians can repair and polish those acrylic or glass windows perfectly fine. The result will be a brand new pool window.

Acrylic Polishing Services – F.A.Q.

Why Acrylic vs Glass?

Why Acrylic vs Glass?

Acrylic Panel Strength:

Acrylic is 16 times stronger than glass. Seams are bonded on a molecular level as opposed to being “glued” together, as they are with a glass tank and silicone.

Acrylic Panel Weight:

Acrylic weighs half of the weight of a similarly sized glass panel. Usually, the dead load of the aquarium structure is restrictive due to the structural limits of the floor slab. Acrylic panels are far less heavy and easier to install than glass panels.

Acrylic Panel Clarity:

High quality cast acrylic panels provide the best viewing properties to any other available glass panel. Glass aquariums, with the exception of Low Iron Glass/ Extra Chiarro or Extra Clear Glass, have around 70% light transmission and have a green tint to them. The thicker the glass the more obvious the green tint is. Acrylic is optically clear and has around 95% light transmission. Moreover, acrylic has the same light refraction index as water does which creates the illusion that the acrylic panels are thinner than their actual thickness. Lastly, acrylic has no haze and has minimal magnification in comparison to standard glass panels.

Acrylic Panel Insulation:

Acrylic is a far better insulator than glass. It is considered approximately 20% more efficient than glass in aquariums. Aquarium inhabitants will live in a more stable environment which means healthier & happier fish, inverts, and/or corals.

Acrylic Panel Repairability:

Acrylic panels get scratched easily. First off, through proper cleaning procedures, regular maintenance, and having a tank built to appropriate specifications (meaning not “underbuilt” as so many mass produced tanks are) it is unlikely to experience many scratches. However, the process for repairing the scratches is more simple and quick than many people are aware. Scratches on the outside can be very quickly repaired with a few standard tools (i.e. varying grades of sandpaper, electric drill, buffing wheel, and compounds). On the wet side, we perform the repair by air drill so we dont to drain the aquarium or remove any livestock!! Varying grades of sandpaper and MicroMesh will do the trick and in relatively short order as well.