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  • Acrylic Panel Installation
  • Glass and Acrylic Panel Installation for Aquariums and Swimming Pools
  • Aquarium Services, Aquarium Management and Operation


Aqualife’s staff is trained to provide high quality services to aquariums, ponds and almost any water feature. Our company provides aquarium management services and aquarium operation. Moreover the maintenance schedule usually involves two or more visits per month and can be customized to your needs upon request. In fact our technicians focus not just on the appearance but also on the health and well being of the living organisms.

Our experienced team guides our clients during the selection of fish and living organisms. Moreover we have specific accumulated knowledge regarding the design and viability of the species. For this reason we achieve the best possible result. Our qualified staff ensures via regular visits the smooth operation of the electrical equipment, which is a very important element for the longevity of the system.


The most important element in aquariums and ponds is the high survival rate of the living organisms within it. Sometimes the wrong choice will cost their lives because of their inability to survive under wrongful conditions. As stated in our yearly contracts regarding the maintenance of the exhibit, we offer a warranty of good health and survival for the living organisms under conditions we have mutually agreed on.

Aquarium Operation Services

  • Personalized service with scheduled visits
  • Suggestions for proper supply of fish and creatures from around the world, invertebrates, live rock and live corals SPS and LPS
  • Full repair and rehabilitation of problematic aquariums
  • Relocation services
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases and parasites of living organisms
  • Training clients regarding the management methods of their aquarium
  • Upgrading of existing filtration systems
  • Clean internal and external appearance of the aquarium
  • Aquarium Window Polishing
  • Cleaning and replacement of filter media
  • Scrubbing the wet side of exhibits
  • Food Check and Auto feeders check
  • Change marine reverse osmosis treated water
  • Thorough gravel cleaning
  • Regular updates and changes of the decoration of the aquarium. (Upon customer’s request)
  • Addition of trace elements and vitamins
  • Replacement of spares when necessary for the proper functioning of the aquatic feature.
  • Major repairs are performed within 24 hours