Wroclaw Zoo

Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw Zoo Aquarium Africarium
  • Project Attributes: After hours Panel Repairs, Acrylic Polishing & Buffing in Wroclaw Zoo
  • Employer : Wroclaw Zoo & Afrycarium
  • Project Duration: 1 Month
  • Number of technicians: 5

Wroclaw Zoo & Public Aquarium (Afrykarium)

Wroclaw Zoo
Wroclaw Zoo

The Wroclaw Zoo in Poland is one of Europe’s oldest zoos. It is Poland’s first oceanarium and a unique one in the world. Nowadays it hosts around 1100 species. It is in operation for over 150 years and it is one of the largest facilities in Poland.

Recently the zoo added a public aquarium facility themed to house animals from Africa and is called the Afrykarium. The Afrykarium is the biggest attraction of the zoo. Furthermore it houses around 5,000 freshwater and marine fish from Africa.

Among them are seven species of sharks, crocodiles, manatees, naked mole-rats, Nile hippos, aardvarks and extra ordinary fish. Most of all, our staff recommends a tour to the Afrycarium!

Wroclaw Zoo, Panel Repairs, Acrylic Polishing & Buffing

The Wroclaw Zoo awarded to Aqualife to remove the scratches and dents on the dry side of the acrylic panels of the aquarium tanks. Specifically a crew of 5 technicians for about a month, worked after hours to polish and repair the acrylic imperfections. Aqualife’s technical staff works after hours in order to not obstruct the daily operation of the facilities. In addition we perform our services with practices that create minimum disturbance to the resident animals of the facility. Contact us today for a free repair proposal of any acrylic imperfections you may have at your facility.

Acrylic Panel Repairs, Acrylic Polishing & Buffing Contractor

Aqualife has a vast experience in repairing any kind of acrylic problems either on the wet or dry side of the acrylic sheet. We handle issues such as acrylic crazing, acrylic chemical burns, scratches, deep dents and any kind of finishing imperfection. We fly all over the world to conduct repairs and acrylic panel installations. Last but not least all our work is covered by a 10 million Euro Professional Indemnity Policy.

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Wroclaw Zoo