Underwater Concrete Rebates Repair & Waterproofing

Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia VVIP project

Underwater Concrete Rebates Repair & Waterproofing
  • Project Attributes: Cold joint crack repairs, concrete rebates waterproofing on underwater windows installations at private swimming pool. Glass window replacement by Acrylic
  • Window Dimensions: 4 Panels: 2.90 m x 1.00 m each panel
  • Project Duration: 16 Days

Concrete Rebates Repair & Waterproofing

Aqualife was appointed to perform cold joint crack repair and waterproof the concrete rebates of a private swimming pool of a VVIP villa in Jeddah at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition we replaced the laminate glass with high quality PVHO PMMA acrylic panels. Initially we had to face a common task by glass window installers without having in depth understanding of concrete repairs and pressure engineering. Aqualife performed the Finite Element Analysis and measured the proper thickness of the acrylic panels to be installed.

Laminate glass for swimming pool windows

Laminate glass for swimming pool windows is a solution that is no longer proper to be used for many reasons. Some of them lack of safety, they present low transparency and inability to repair. On the contrary Aqualife installed acrylic panels of exceptional quality and performed this job in less than 20 days. Contact us today for all your specialty waterproofing repairs, swimming pool window installations and pool refurbishments. The dimenions of the 4 panels are 2.90 x 1 meters each.

Swimming Pool Project Photos

Learn more about our method statement in underwater concrete rebates, our waterproofing process and view more swimming pool window installation projects. If you have any questions feel free to contact Aqualife now for a quote or the next swimming pool project.

Underwater Concrete Rebates Repair & Waterproofing