Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Cesme, Turkey

Swimming Pool Waterproofing
  • Project Attributes: Complete swimming pool waterproofing services, pool design, concrete repairs and pool window installation
  • Acrylic Panels: 1 Curved Acrylic Panel
  • Panel Width: 17 meters
  • Project Duration: 16 Days

Swimming Pool Installation & Waterproofing Process

2 Crane Use for Pool Panel installation
2 Crane Use for Pool Panel installation

Aqualife is proud to announce the installation of a massive 17 meters long curved acrylic panel and the swimming pool waterproofing at the Folkart luxury 5 star resort in Cesme, Turkey. This acrylic window was designed by Aqualife and FEA for safe installation.

The 3-side cantilever acrylic panel installation was not easy task although we had available crane access. The wind in Cesme can be higher than 7 Beaufort and the day of installation, the wind was almost restrictive. We delayed the acrylic panel erection work for 5 hours till the wind calmed down. Erecting a 17 meter long curved acrylic panel is risky and positioning it inside a narrow concrete rebate without harming the acrylic is even harder. Nevertheless, our team managed the operation and the installation was flawless. After the installation the waterproofing process begun. Our team uses field tested materials and methods for over 15 years with amazing results. Aqualife performed and supervised the waterproofing overlap between the rebate waterproofing method and the main pool waterproofing system to make sure the structure would be waterproofed properly.

Completed Swimming Pool
Completed Waterproofed Swimming Pool

Pool Waterproofing Warranty

Aqualife is the only professional swimming pool waterproofing contractor in the market that takes under its contractual liability the repairs and the preparation of the concrete or steel rebates. We provide a 2 year warranty on all of our installations and waterproofing services which can be extended up to 5 years.

Contact today Aqualife for your swimming pool window design, acrylic panel supply and installation. Aqualife expertise on concrete repairs and aquarium or swimming pool installation is massive and this is our competitive advantage. We are flexible and willing to work overseas completing complex installations anywhere in the world.

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Swimming Pool Waterproofing