Swimming Pool Polishing at the FIVE Penthouse

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The FIVE hotel swimming pool

Acrylic Buffing and Acrylic Crazing Repair

On May 2019 Aqualife was awarded to polish the swimming pools at the FIVE Hotel which is a Luxury Hotel & Resort in Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

The FIVE hotel is a dare-to-be-different hotel that captures the glamour and vibe of Dubai. Nowadays it represents one of the hottest destinations in Palm Dubai. The resort has a rooftop acrylic swimming pool with 4 acrylic panels that was not built by Aqualife. The windows of the pool had multiple issues which Aqualife was called to fix.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel
FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel

Among the ordinary acrylic buffing and polishing, Aqualife technicians had to repair the acrylic crazing and acrylic blisters as well as the deep scratches which occurred during the construction. As you can see from the images below, the acrylic has been heavily affected by the UV beams. That affects the clarity of the acrylic windows. Aqualife technicians used 200 grit sand papers to resurface the panels in order to repair the PMMA acrylic surface to its best possible.

Swimming Pool Repair Project Gallery

If your swimming pool window presents issues like acrylic crazing, blisters or scratches like these below then it needs polishing by expert technicians. Aqualife acrylic repair specialists can fix your old deeply scratched acrylic panels without affecting the structural strength of the panel, opting for the best possible repair to obtain again high optical clarity. Contact us today to get a free quote for your acrylic repair. Aqualife expertise on acrylic polishing is massive and this is our competitive advantage.

Revisiting Palm Beach Dubai Hotel

In 2020 Aqualife revisited the for the installation and waterproofing of the infinity swimming pool transparent walls of a second pool at the Palm Beach Dubai Hotel!

Swimming Pool Polishing at the FIVE Penthouse