Side Swimming Pool Windows

Nice, France

Side Pool Windows
  • Project Attributes: Installation and waterproofing of side swimming pool windows
  • Acrylic Panel 1: 4250 x 630 (mm)
  • Acrylic Panel 2: 3240 x 1200 (mm)
  • Acrylic Panel 3: 3020 x 1200 (mm)
  • Project Duration: 7 Days

Side Swimming Pool Windows Installation & Waterproofing

Before the installation of the swimming pool panels
Before the installation of the swimming pool panels

The installation of the side pool windows could be a tricky procedure to non experienced staff. However Aqualife’s team does this weekly and have completed more than 50 swimming pool window installation projects worldwide. Our scope was to install and waterproof three side swimming pool at the VVIP penthouse at the area of Nice, in France. The project after completion will offer amazing views to the living rooms. During the day, the sunbeams will light the living room and will create a unique atmosphere to the penthouse apartment. The acrylic panels were manufactured and provided based on our specifications. Specifically their dimensions are from 3 meters width to 4.2 meters width and 1.2 meter height. Furthermore the project lasted 7 days.

Side Swimming Pool Windows – Project Workflow

Learn more about our method statement and view more swimming pool window installation projects. If you have any questions feel free to contact Aqualife now for a quote or the next swimming pool project.

Side Swimming Pool Windows