Repairing & Waterproofing Concrete Rebates on Pool & Installing RPT Panels

Budapest, Hungary

Installed Acrylic Panels for swimming pool on Waterproofed and Repaired Concrete Rebates
  • Project Attributes: Swimming Pool Rebate Preparation & Rebate Waterproofing
  • Acrylic Panels: Swimming Pool Rebate Preparation & Rebate Waterproofing, Acrylic Panels Installation, Complete Pool Waterproofing. Complete Final Pool Waterproofing
  • Panels Origin: Reynolds Polymer Technology
  • Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Swimming Pool Rebates Repairing, Preparation & Waterproofing

Underwater Swimming Pool Window
Underwater Swimming Pool Window

This is a high end villa positioned at an upscale neighborhood of Budapest. Our scope was to repair and waterproof the concrete rebates and afterwards to install the acrylic panels. The job conditions were tough enough, since Aqualife technicians had to work in close to zero Celsius environment. Following the installation abrasive and waterproofing material’s Technical Data Sheet, we needed to secure and warm up the job site so that we have proper and optimum installation conditions.

These severe cold conditions turned this straightforward project into a high risk management installation that our technicians managed to deal with and deliver successfully.

Swimming Pool Acrylic Panels Installation & Complete Waterproofing

As soon as we completed the rebate repairs their preparation and their waterproofing, we moved on to the installation of 3 acrylic swimming pool panels from RPT (Reynold’s Polymer Technology). Finally we waterproofed the bottom and side concrete walls and we completed the work. These four side supported acrylic panels bring sun light into a fantastic training area that the client is using daily. The whole project was completed in 3 weeks by 2 technical staff waterproofing technicians and pool installation specialists.

Infinity Swimming Pool Photos

Repairing & Waterproofing Concrete Rebates on Pool & Installing RPT Panels