R-Cast Acrylic Pool Panel Installation

Lubango, Angola

Installed acrylic panel
  • Project Attributes: Install & waterproof of an R-cast, three side supported, Acrylic Pool Panel
  • H x L x W : 150 x 450cm x 8cm
  • Rebate Patching: High Quality Waterproofing Materials
  • Project Duration: 9 days

Aqualife was contracted by Fivest LDA, to install and waterproof an Rcast Acrylic Pool Panel in Angola, Lubango in Africa. The project was extremely interesting due to the intense weather conditions we had to deal with because winter is rainy season in Angola. It is a three side supported acrylic panel. The length of the acrylic panel is 450cm its height is 150cm and it is 8cm thick. Getting a sandblast contractor in Lubango was impossible. So, we had to grind all rebate surfaces with diamond grinding discs.

After preparing the rebate openings we patched them to give a strong anchor effect and in order have a unified core surface. Before silicone patching, we applied epoxy paint and our rebates were ready for the acrylic positioning. We made sure to level the acrylic panel, using a laser beam tool prior to positioning, This way we avoided any scratches on the acrylic panel. We delivered the project after 9 days.

Swimming Pool Project Workflow

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R-Cast Acrylic Pool Panel Installation