R-Cast Acrylic Pool in VIP Villa

Athens, Greece

RCast acrylic pool in Athens VIP Villa Finished
  • Project Attributes: Install and waterproof a custom shaped R-Cast Acrylic Pool Panel
  • Contracted by: Emmanuel Petrakis & Marina Dimopoulou
  • Panel Length: 400cm
  • Rebate Patching: High Quality Waterproofing Materials
  • Project Duration: 11 days

Aqualife was contracted by Interior Designer Mr. Emmanuel Petrakis & Marina Dimopoulou, to install and waterproof a custom shaped Rcast Acrylic Pool Panel in a swimming pool in a villa in Athens, Greece. The project is marvelous, when finished, viewers from the living room will have amazing underwater views into the swimming pool. Moreover, the low water level around the acrylic panel, allow to place a couple shez longs, the ideal spot for a sun tan! The panel has two curved edges, having a total length of 400cm.

After repairing the concrete with acrylic injections, we prepared the rebate opening and applied the proper waterproofing materials. We delivered the project after 11 days.

Project Workflow

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R-Cast Acrylic Pool in VIP Villa