Pool Waterproofing & Leak Repair

Munich, Germany

Pool waterproofing windows
  • Project Attributes: Repairing, Installing & Waterproofing Swimming Pool Window
  • Panel Dimensions: 500 x 200 cm

Pool Waterproofing & Leak Repair

Aqualife was selected to repair a leak in a newly installed PMMA Acrylic panel on the floor of a swimming pool. The previous installation had multiple technical imperfections. Therefore Aqualife had to remove the acrylic panel and prepare the concrete rebate surfaces from scratch. After removing all latent and repairing the rebate, our team waterproofed the surface and re-installed the swimming pool window. We completed the project including the pool waterproofing in a few days. Pool waterproofing the dimensions of the pool window are 500 x 200cm.

Learn more about our method statement, our waterproofing process and view more swimming pool window installation projects. If you have any questions feel free to contact Aqualife now for a quote or the next swimming pool project.

Before the Repairs

After the Installation and the Pool Waterproofing

Project Completion

Pool Waterproofing & Leak Repair