Palm Dubai Swimming Pool Windows

Dubai, UAE

Swimming Pool Acrylic Side Window
  • Project Attributes: Waterproof the rebates and install an acrylic swimming pool window.
  • Contracted by: Panamera Landscapes
  • Panel: Reynolds Polymer Technology PMMA R-CAST

Waterproofing the Rebates and Installing Acrylic Panels

Infinity Swimming Pool
Infinity Swimming Pool

Panamera Landscapes awarded to our company to waterproof the rebates and install a Reynolds Polymer Technology PMMA R-CAST panel on this exclusive swimming pool in Palm Dubai. Aqualife since 2016 has a local crew in United Arab Emirates (UAE) which serves all local requests.

This specific interesting design includes two fireplaces next to the infinity pool. The project although it has a small window which is a little shorter than 3 meters it is still impressive and makes this swimming pool unique. Aqualife successfully completed the project in a short time manner.

Installation of Swimming Pool Windows

The key to our success in our swimming pool window installation process is that we pay attention to details. A part of our teams’s procedure is to pay a final visit after the completion of the tiling and the filtration onsite. The purpose is to finely polish the edge of the acrylic panels and achieve a perfectly even overflow line over the edge of window. Acrylic panels are widely used instead of glass panels mostly because they are safer to install, they are easily repairable and overall they have incomparable better optical and mechanical properties than laminated glass. Glass panels are almost impossible to be repaired once they are scratched.

We at Aqualife, will assist you in selecting the best possible acrylic window as per your budget and the existing swimming pool design. We offer acrylic panel engineering and acrylic panel supply at discounted prices. Moreover we provide cold joint repairs, waterproofing as well as concrete and steel rebates preparation. The secret of our success is the attention in details. This is what we promise to all of our clients: A one stop service for your swimming pool window projects. Therefore please feel free to contact us in case you need more information or to request a quote.

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Palm Dubai Swimming Pool Windows