Mykonos Hakkasan Aquarium

Mykonos, Greece

The aquarium in the Ling Ling Restaurant
  • Project Attributes: Install and Waterproof the Hakkasan Aquarium
  • Aquarium Filtration Systems: MAT LSS
  • Aquarium Panels: Two visible large acrylic panels
  • Contracted by: Hakkasan

Mykonos Hakkasan Aquarium, Ling Ling Restaurant

Unique Tropical Fish Aquarium
The Hakkasan Aquarium Hosts Unique Tropical Fish.

Hakkasan selected the island of Mykonos in Greece to create its newest concept which is the Ling Ling. A Mykonian old time classic location was about to become the newest Hakassan. Specifically its location is where Filippis restaurant used to be. Τhe new Ling Ling is the most exquisite environment in Mykonos for clubbing and dinning. Hakkasan chose Aqualife to design, supply and install the large aquarium at the entrance of the club. The Hakkasan Aquarium is a steel aquarium. Moreover it consists of two visible acrylic panels and GRP reef decoration.

Aqualife manufactured the aquarium and used a special technique to waterproof it. Additionally our experienced team created a vintage rusted surface on the dry side. The unique aquarium hosts over 800 tropical fish. Among them, there are some of the most poisonous fish in the world.

Another key point is that MAT LSS designed and supplied the Aquarium Filtration Systems (AFS).

Mykonos Aquarium Ling Ling Photo Gallery

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Mykonos Hakkasan Aquarium