The Land Of Legends Theme Park, by Rixos World

Antalya. Turkey

Shark Aquarium in the Land of Legends Theme Park
  • Project Attributes: Repair and waterproof the concrete rebates.
    Acrylic Panel Polishing
  • Number of Panels: 30 Acrylic Panels
  • Services: Epoxy injections on the concrete walls, sandblasting, polishing and drilling
  • Aquarium Filtration Systems: MAT LSS

The Land Of Legends Theme Park.

Rixos newest development is the Land Of Legends Theme Park in Antalya, Turkey. It is an entertainment park that has a huge dolphinarium, a sea trek aquarium, a shark aquarium as well as a snorkeling aquarium. Moreover the parks has dedicated facilities for penguins and tigers while there are fountains and roller coasters all over the place.

Aquarium Waterproofing services.

Aqualife was awarded to repair and waterproof the concrete rebates of all aquatic facilities in the Rixos Theme Park. We performed our services on all visible acrylic panels. In fact the project lasted around forty five days. Seven specialty Aqualife technicians visited Antalya to perform the works and complete the project. We performed epoxy injections on the concrete walls. Moreover we sandblasted and drilled the core and we prepared the surfaces to be solid enough for proper waterproofing. More than 30 acrylic panels allow the visitors to see the dolphins, the beluga whales, the penguins and other tropical fish. Therefore Aqualife performed the aquarium panel polishing and ensured the waterproofing was complete.

Another key point is that MAT LSS designed and supplied the Aquarium Filtration Systems of Rixos Aquariums (AFS).

Rixos World Theme Park in Antalya

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The Land Of Legends Theme Park, by Rixos World