Hurghada Aquarium – Snorkeling Public Aquariums

Hurghada, Egypt

  • Completed Hurghada City Center Aquarium
  • Hurghada Aquarium Design Manufacture Operation
  • Aquarium Filtration Systems from MAT LSS
  • Aquarium Sandblast
  • Hurghada Aquarium Acrylic Panels Installation
  • Hurghada Aquarium Acrylic Panels Installation
  • Concrete prior sandblast Aquarium
  • Creating Aquarium Concrete Holes
  • Hurghada Aquarium After P/W
  • Hurghada Aquarium Acrylic Panels Installation
  • Hurghada City Center Aquarium Drawings
Completed Hurghada City Center AquariumHurghada Aquarium Design Manufacture OperationAquarium Filtration Systems from MAT LSSAquarium SandblastHurghada Aquarium Acrylic Panels InstallationHurghada Aquarium Acrylic Panels InstallationConcrete prior sandblast AquariumCreating Aquarium Concrete HolesHurghada Aquarium After P/WHurghada Aquarium Acrylic Panels InstallationHurghada City Center Aquarium Drawings
  • Project Attributes: Aquarium design, Aquarium manufacture, Aquarium & Installation
  • Aquarium LSS: MAT LSS
  • Volume: 1,000,000.00 ltrs
  • Study: Environment Impact Assessment Study
  • Contracted by: Arab Investment Company, AIC

Hurghada aquarium is designed & manufactured, by Aqualife. We also installed the acrylic panels hydrotested the aquarium and waterproofed it, In addition we ensured the operation of the life support systems.

Hurghada City Center Aquarium Design Manufacture
Hurghada City Center Aquarium Design

Hurghada aquarium, Design, Manufacture & Installation

Aqualife was awarded by Arab Investment Company, AIC, to design, manufacture, install and provide the Environment Impact Assessment Study of a marine water aquarium size of 1,000,000.00 ltrs, at the new modern and high end shopping mall Hurghada City Center. The shopping mall is designed by Promontorio Architects and it is located at Hurghada, in Egypt at the shore of the Red Sea. The Hurghada aquarium is not an open system but has it’s own independent aquarium filtration LSS. It’s been equipped with MAT LSS filtration systems and is able to hold 8 kg of fish per cubic meter of water. The aquarium will be the home of all the colorful and amazing Red Sea Reef fish as well as open water predators. The facility will give the chance to its visitors to snorkel and swim with the aquarium fish. On level one, a shallow touch pool will allow kids for close encounter with invertebrates and baby sea rays and bamboo sharks. The aquarium is currently open and accepting visitors!

Hurghada City Center Aquarium

Project Workflow

Hurghada Aquarium – Snorkeling Public Aquariums