Dubai Mall Aquarium North Pole Penguins Exhibit Acrylic Walls Repair

Dubai, UAE

Acrylic Walls at Dubai Aquarium
  • Project Attributes: Optical repair & alignment repair of transparent walls
  • Acrylic Walls Number: 2 x 4-side Acrylic PMMA Panels
  • Project Duration: 10 Days
  • Client: EMAAR DAUZ
  • Panels Size: Height 250cm & Length 700cm

Dubai Mall Aquarium – Penguinarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo of EMAAR, was our first client in Dubai, in early 2014. The first time, we were asked to polish the acrylic panels of DAUZ main exhibit. Now, 6 years since then, we are super excited to have the chance to work again at the amazing Dubai Mall Aquarium. This time though, the job was more demanding than the first call… Aqualife was called in to repair two onsite PMMA acrylic wall panel bonds of the penguins exhibit.

Acrylic Walls Repair on a Penguin Exhibit

Onsite Bonding Acrylic Panel Repair
Onsite Bonding Acrylic Panel Repair

This project had multiple crucial issues to tackle. Firstly, we needed to work super fast since the penguins needed to be moved in their new home. We actually worked over 12 hours a day to make this happen.

Secondly, we were called in, to repair an uneven acrylic bond that had major optical and alignment faults while there was not enough thickness in the panel to repair. To tackle this, we needed to expand the repair point of each bond by over 1 meter each side and smoothly recover the surface alignment and then achieve optimum visibility without noticeable deflections.

This exhibit was operating at a temperature of 5 °C, making the working environment for our staff harsh. It was funny enough we were in Dubai at high heat ambient temperatures but we had to go to work wearing jackets. Nevertheless, In just 4 days, Aqualife technicians managed to achieve optimum optical and perfect alignment on both of the two transparent acrylic walls.

The transparent acrylic exhibit walls allow unlimited underwater and ambient views of the happy penguins roaming around the area.

Penguins Exhibit Acrylic Walls Scope of Work:

  • Optical repair and Alignment repair of two four sided PMMA panels on the Penguins Exhibit.
  • Re-Installation and waterproofing of acrylic panel on an FRP coated steel rebate in temperature conditions near water frost.
  • Size: Height 250cm and length 700cm.

Aqualife is the premier specialty contractor to perform acrylic repairs having worked all over the world under any weather conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want your acrylic panels to look better than the moment they got installed.

Acrylic Panels Repairs & Installation Photo Gallery

Dubai Mall Aquarium Penguins
Dubai Mall Aquarium Penguins
Dubai Mall Aquarium North Pole Penguins Exhibit Acrylic Walls Repair