Acrylic Curved Pool Windows (PMMA – R-Cast)

Aquarium pool in the Scientific Center of Kuwait

Acrylic Curved Pool Window
  • Project Attributes: Rebates preparation,
    erection, waterproofing & installation of a curved PMMA acrylic panel,
    3-side support concrete rebate waterproofing
  • Acrylic Panels Number & Type: 2 x 3-side support curved R-Cast PMMA Panels
  • Acrylic Windows Size: Height 110cm and length 320cm.
  • Project Duration: 5 days Installation & 2 Days Swimming Pool Hydrotesting

Curved R-Cast PMMA Pool Windows

Installation of acrylic curved panels
Installation of acrylic curved pool windows

Aqualife was subcontracted to install 2 acrylic curved pool windows at the Scientific Center of Kuwait. These pool windows are three side support PMMA acrylic panels. The shallow pool is going to be the display exhibit for sea rays, nurse sharks and other reef structures.

Reynolds Polymer Technologies is world’s leading fabricator of acrylic panels for swimming pools, zoos and public aquariums. The particularity of this job was that Aqualife had to install the panels using materials safe for animals but in the same time we had to secure the sealant from being eaten by sea creatures.

The duration of the process lasted around 7 days upon hydrotesting and everything completed successfully.

Aqualife is the only specialty swimming pool window installer that undertakes the responsibility of preparing the concrete rebates under its standard method statement and scope of work. Whether you are a swimming pool contractor or a landscape architect or the end customer, we are here to support you the most elaborate way. contact us for any acrylic panel installations and infinity pool windows.

Curved Pool Panels Scope of Work:

  • Edge rebates Preparation.
  • Erection of PMMA panel.
  • Installation and waterproofing of an acrylic curved pool window on a three side support concrete rebate.
  • Supervision of cementious waterproofing layer while performing the connection points with rebates waterproofing system.
  • Pool Hydrotesting.
  • Acrylic Window Size: Height 110cm and length 450cm.

Aquarium Pool Project Photos

Acrylic Curved Pool Windows (PMMA – R-Cast)