Specialty Coatings & Polyurea Applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Certified Polyurea Applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Aqualife

Polyurea Applications Middle East

Specialty Coatings, Polyurethane & Polyurea Applications in the Middle East

Roof Waterproofing Applications
Roof Waterproofing Applications

Aqualife is proud to announce the representation of SPI Inc, at the region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Middle East. SPI is a company from the USA. Specifically the last 40 years, SPI is active on specialty coatings, Polyurea and Polyurethane applications. Consequently SPI has joined forces with Aqualife to bring innovative and high end waterproofing and protective coating solutions. Our target is every industrial and commercial application. Aqualife officially provides Polyurea Applications worldwide.

In fact our aim is to establish a hub where we can service all projects in the Middle East effectively. Aqualife, being in the field of waterproofing since 2007, gained a valuable experience from waterproofing aquarium facilities that had only one chance for the application to be performed properly. We know the importance of the correct preparation and the detailed application.

Aqualife is a certified applicator and distributor of Polyurea & Specialty Coatings applications
GRACO equipment for Polyurea & Specialty Coatings Applications
GRACO equipment

Polyurea is the most elaborate waterproofing and protective coating technology existing in the market today. Aqualife already is official certified company by SPI while attended the training courses in Seatle, USA.

Aqualife’s staff from Europe is already at Riyadh KSA and has all the appropriate GRACO spraying equipment to perform the Polyurea applications. Aqualife’s representative for Qatar and generally the Middle East is Land Sea & Beyond, located in Doha, Qatar. LSB has the needed governmental classifications to import and perform the Polyurea applications in the Middle East.

Specialty Coatings & Polyurea Applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia