Polyurea Distribution Awards

Polyurea Distribution

Excellence in Polyurea Distribution and 2016 Best Newcomer Awards

We are glad to announce that Aqualife received the Excellence in Distribution Award and the 2016 Best Newcomer Award from Specialty Products, Inc. SPI recognizes our work and our results in the Polyurea distribution and we would like to thank them for the very good partnership so far. Since 2016 Aqualife’s representative at the GCC & MENA regions is Land, Sea & Beyond LLC. LSB is a Protective Coatings and Polyurea Applicator as well as a distributor at the states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Specifically Specialty Products, Inc. states on their Official Press Release:

Specialty Products, Inc.’s Excellence in Distribution Award recognizes an independent distribution organization that has demonstrated excellence in the categories of management, leadership, customer relations, and surpassing their annual sales goal. The 2016 award is presented to Aquatic Constructions AC LTD CYPRUS. Aquatic Construction AC LTD CYPRUS is also the recipient of SPI’s 2016 Best Newcomer Award.

Polyurea Distribution Awards