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Aquarium Polishing and Cleaning Robots

Uniform polishing & cleaning without disturbing the fish & corals

Aquarium Polishing and Cleaning Robots

Aqualife Launches a New Brand for Aquarium Polishing at AAE 2017 – IAAPA

Aqualife is introducing exclusively around the world the latest technology in polishing the wet side of public aquariums. Our new brand is AQRO© and we are going to publish the website on the 13th of June. At the same time and we will present the new aquarium robots at the AAE 2017 in Singapore together with MAT LSS. The AAE 2017 conference and exhibition is organized by IAAPA and takes place on 13-16 of June at the Marina Bay Sands. Aqualife representatives will be at the same stand as MAT LSS at Hall Level 1 and Stand L1429.

Aquarium Polishing & Cleaning Robots

Specifically the robot sanding machine with the 3 heads is radio operated without sending noticeable vibes to sharks and rays. Moreover it will not disturb the tank inhabitants while it provides the best quality in acrylic polishing and sanding. The robot attaches itself to the acrylic panel and sands it without leaving circle marks or hazing. All debris left from sanding is being absorbed by the machine so that fish, corals and all animals of the tank are safe.

Aquarium cleaning robot
Aquarium cleaning and polishing robots are provided exclusively by Aqualife

This new service on polishing acrylic panels provides a smooth service with no human interaction from the wet side of the aquarium. Therefore it minimizes the problems which occur by having a diver inside the aquarium. Each sanding robot can polish thoroughly around 5 m2 of the usual wet side scratches. Aqualife aims to offer exclusive and complete aquarium maintenance services in the public aquarium industry. Please contact us now for more details on this game changing equipment that Aqualife offers exclusively around the world.

Aquarium Polishing and Cleaning Robots