FRP Swimming Pools (Fiberglass)

Advantages of Aqualife Fiberglass (FRP) Swimming Pools

FRP Swimming Pools Fiberglass
FRP Swimming Pools Fiberglass Installation

Why Our FRP Swimming Pools?

Contrary to more traditional pools, Aqualife FRP swimming pools (fiberglass) do not pose a concern for leaching water, chemicals, or corrosion into ground water. The draw and operating costs for filters and heaters are significantly reduced because fiberglass is a natural insulator.

For those who are worried about the environmental impact of their pool, fiberglass pools are the ideal option. Non-porous surfaces result in less regular chemical use, less cleaning, and less need for electricity because they require less maintenance. Additionally, automatic pool cleaners work more swiftly and effectively.

Industry demands newer and faster solutions due to immediate needs. The best solution is our modern FRP swimming pools, manufactured, tiled and pre-assembled in the factory.

We deliver our all-inclusive pool with various shape options and volume sizes complete with tiles, a compact filtration system, lighting, and skimmers. All you have to do is get in the water and swim.

Advantages of FRP Pools

Quick Installation

Your brand-new fiberglass swimming pool is delivered to you completely assembled and we can have you swimming in it within a week. A concrete pool installation would require your backyard to be dug up for several months leading to a noisy and unkempt construction site, as it takes time to constructed and healed.

Smooth surfaces

The non-abrasive smooth gelcoat finish on our swimming pools is a feature. There are no rough surfaces, no sharp edges, and no scrapes on your skin as smooth surfaces and rounded corners provide increased in the case of an accident, security. Moreover, the joints are seamless providing beauty to the Project.

Easy to maintain

Because algae cannot grow on its smooth, non-porous surface, a fiberglass gel coat finish will look beautiful and often require little to no care. Up to 40% less limited chemical use, as the pH stays within the typical range of 7.2 to 7.6, so you won’t have to worry about stains and discoloration. Also, they don’t need grouting and acid washing every three years as the concrete pools.

Resistant Mechanical properties

Compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools can be up to 17 times stronger and without causing structural damage, fiberglass pools can stretch up to 30.5 mm. On the other hand, in corrosive situations, steel reinforcing may provide a durability concern. FRP pools are also more resistant to seismic loads, which makes them the best solution for areas vulnerable to earthquakes. In addition, for free standing pools on balconies and roof tops fiberglass pools are the only solution to reduce significantly structural load due to its lightweight structure. Last but not least FRP pools are UV resistant, which makes them the ideal choice for sunny or seaside areas.

Detail of a Fiberglass Pool
Close Detail of a Fiberglass Pool

Energy and money saving

The FRP swimming pool is functional as “thermal” for a number of hours, having as a result significant reduced energy usage. Furthermore, the overall cost for a fiberglass pool is much lower compared to the traditional concrete ones.

Warranty of FRP Swimming Pools

Aqualife warrants that our pool will meet the quality performance values for a period of 30 years beginning on the date of manufacture (“Warranty Period”).