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Swimming Pool Windows Installation

Worldwide installation services for swimming pool windows. Transparent pool floors and side windows for infinity swimming pools are our expertise. We use waterproofing materials, resistant to UV radiation & chemical erosion from low PH liquids & Chloramine additives.

Aquarium Window Installation

Acrylic panel installation and window installation services for aquariums. Aqualife is the only professional aquarium window installer that takes under its contractual liability the repairs and the preparation of the concrete or steel rebates. We secure the end result and a leakage free installation.

Acrylic Panel Polishing

Our premium acrylic polishing services will bring back the clarity and high visibility of your damaged panel. Whether buffing an infinity swimming pool panel or wet polishing on a public aquarium facility we deliver unifrom polishing, attention to detail without any visual disturbances.

Aquarium window installation and aquarium polishing.
We provide window installation and acrylic polishing services for aquariums and swimming pools

Aquarium Waterproofing

Aqualife is a Waterproofing contractor who understands the theming particularities of the Aquaria tanks and has the experience to waterproof an exhibit as per the habits and usage of the tank’s residents. Our Concrete repairs solutions will solve all your aquarium waterproofing issues resulting a safe and solid concrete pool. We have vast experience dealing with concrete repairs for aquarium walls.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Being specialist acrylic panel swimming pool window installers for more than 15 years we have the expertise to waterproof swimming pools utilizing certified methods by SIKA, BASF, MAPEI and many other waterproofing material suppliers. Our waterproofing methods are based on pure polyurea, hybrid polyurea, polyurethane coating, cementious liners, epoxy coating and more.

Underwater Windows

Aqualife is a full scale underwater windows supplier and contractor for swimming pools and public aquariums. We provide a variety of options and custom sizes for transparent underwater panels such as side walls or transparent floors. We supply water resistant and pressure resistant swimming pool windows and acrylic panels for aquariums with maximum warranty.

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Aqualife’s extensive experience in the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of MEP equipment and innovative architectural aquatic features. Aqualife is supplier, specialized MEP subcontractor of public aquariums, artificial biologically balanced ponds/lakes and innovative swimming pools. We cooperate with designers to built aquatic systems using Fuid Dynamics Software. Our core is to procure and install MEP and PMMA of highest quality for prompt function 7/24/365 under the lowest possible operational cost.

Aqualife’s aims to provide specialty MEP and architectural insert services to main contractors. Our target is to deliver the awarded scope under the timeline and budget set adding unique value to all the projects we are involved.

Five Palm Jumeirah Infinity Swimming Pool




Aquarium delivery and services

We have found the members of Aqualife and their subcontractors to be fully cooperative during the design phase and the delivery phase. They delivered the project in conformance with our documentation and specifications. They have solved on-site conditions and they have been fair in considering changes and additional work. Moreover they have co-operated with Clients and Building authorities and they have generally delivered work of exceptional quality. In addition, they kept responding to problems after commissioning, which often are beyond the requirements of standard warranty. Consequently we would be pleased to recommend Aqualife for future projects.
View here Promontorio Recommendation Letter.

promontorioPedro Maria Appleton.

Aqualife maintenance services made our La Mer aquariums look better than ever before.

Miss Maria Papanastassiou - Brand Manager, La Mer.

We never expected our pond to look better than the real lake we have next to our hotel resort. Feeding our Koi fish is something our clients love to do every morning while they are having their breakfast.

Manos Koulias. CEO - Natura Park Village Resort.

Great aquascaping and hazzle free maintenance.

Elena Liberis - Liberis Publications.

Aqualife did a great job on the installation of the aquariums of the Rainforest Cafe in Cairo, Egypt.

Sherif Wagdy, General Manager - Rainforest Cafe, Cairo.

They solved all existing life support problems we had to live with from the previous installator and today manages our aquarium with a very innovative way.

George Karivalis - General Manager at Metro Mall of Athens.

Aqualife created a great marketing idea for our Grand Opening Week of our new Parousiasi store. The shark aquarium was amazing!

Mr. George Sarafidis, President of Parousiasi stores.

Aqualife worked during night time and provide us the highest possible quality of services, polishing the acrylic panels of the Dubai Aquarium.

Eng. Nick Payne - Dutco Balfour.